A Matter Of Perspective

I was once told that we should all stand on our heads every now and again to get a whole new view of the world. (I think it might have been my Yoga teacher, as I struggled to heave my body into headstand)

But in this instance she’s probably right.

I recently visited the Melbourne Cake and Bake Show and bought some cookie cutters. I came out of the stall and excitedly told my friend “Look what I got – a big head figurine!”


She frowned and looked at the shape. “really?”

“Yes! See, the big head and these are the arms… ” I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t seeing it, because in my mind, I saw exactly this:


My friend still wasn’t convinced so I returned to the stall and waved the cutter at the owner “This is a Big Head Figure cutter, right?”

He looked even more confused than my friend. Then calmly took the cutter from me and turned it upside down.

“It’s supposed to be a diamond ring…”


Do you see it now?


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