It all started with a birthday present.

Jar Salted Caramel_ProductFocus

A jar of Burch and Purchese salted caramel spread.Gorgeously smooth and rich. A gourmet visitor in my humble kitchen. Almost too good to sit in my mediocre pantry, it sat haughtily on the kitchen bench.

What do I do with it? An entire jar! The label says Heat gently for a spectacular caramel sauce, drizzle over ice cream for an instant sundae, spread on almost anything or just eat it with a spoon.

Of all the options I could see “eat it with a spoon” was likely to be the outcome, unless I figured something else. “A spectacular caramel sauce” it promised – but what do i put it on?

So it sat on my kitchen bench for a little while more.

Then a few weeks later I had a moment of shopping amnesia – you know when you buy items on your shopping list, then forgot you had and bought another set? (No? Hmm…maybe it only happens to me!)

Anyway i ended up with 3 loaves of bread. Which was a problem. First because I live alone and also because i was about to start a low-carb diet!

Then it hit me – Bread and Butter Pudding! Warm, sweet, custardy goodness that tickle all the best childhood memories.

However this is usually made in a loaf or pudding pan, and I have been known to eat all of it by myself. So in the interest of portion control, I decided to make them in a my muffin tin. Finding an open bag of pecan halves and mini boxes of sultanas, I decided to throw them in as well.

After some research, I found a recipe from Dessert For Two – it even called for a caramel sauce topping and wouldn’t you know it – I had some of that too!

The little gems bubbled and browned and resembled little stuffed yorkshire puddings -but of course much, much better!

Once they had cooled a little, I eased them out of the pan and popped them in cupcake cases for easy handling. They were soft and warm, just asking to be eaten.

The last step was to dollop on the salted caramel spread.

Yum! What is the superlative for yum? Yummiliest? Yummiest? Yummissimo?

Anyway I ate four before I even got the pictures done.

Get the recipe here – I followed it to a tee – just without nutmeg as I didn’t have any at the time. I also replaced the caramel sauce with my ready made version, but her recipe does show you how to make it from scratch if you need.

This recipe is for 6 mini puddings. Multiple according to how much bread you are using



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